Hi, this is Esther, and I am Talaso Media.

I specialize in graphic design, illustration, and documentary-style video production and have created work for non-profit organizations, musicians, medical professionals, and universities. As an artist, I work closely with each organization or individual to capture the vision and core message before I start putting anything together. This ensures that the finished product can truly meet the need for which it was created, whether it is a piece of themed clip art, or a long-form video.

If you see something you like, drop me a line! I would be happy to begin a conversation about your design or communication needs and where Talaso Media could fit in with that.

Behind the name

I spent most of my childhood in Northern Kenya, where my parents worked among the Borana and Gabra tribes. Within these tribes it is common for children to be named after the day of the week in which they were born. I was born on a Tuesday, Talassa in Gabra, so I informally took on the name Talaso. I live in the US now, and don’t use this name anymore, so I have appropriated it into Talaso Media to reflect the significant influence those formative years in Kenya have had on my life and work, and to draw attention to a beautiful but little-recognized land and people.

[Talaso is pronouced Tah-LAH-sow]